How Should You Naturally Clean Carpet Between Professional Cleaning Visits?

Have you ever noticed that you have “accidents” on carpet more than on hardwood floors? Like wearing white, carpet just seems to attract spills. The carpet cleaning in Post Falls professionals sometimes get out of the driveway before the baby spills his juice on the carpet. How can you naturally clean the carpet between professional visits?

Clean Towels

Solids can be vacuumed away, but liquids have to be gotten up immediately before they stain the carpet fibers. The first thing to remember is to blot up liquid spills. Never, ever rub them. That just spreads the joy. Using clean towels, blot up all the moisture you can. Then blot some more. When you get no more moisture on the towels, proceed to step two.

Baking Soda

Carpet cleaning in Post Falls professionals use this tip on their own carpets. Sprinkle a healthy layer of baking soda on the spill. It will soak up the moisture the towels didn’t get. As the baking soda changes color to a muddy brown, sprinkle another healthy layer atop it. When the soda no longer changes color, vacuum it up.

White Vinegar

It might seem odd to apply another liquid to a liquid spill, but using white vinegar does remove fresh stains. Using a spray bottle, mix one cup white vinegar with one cup warm water. Spray on the spill. Let it sit for ten minutes and then blot up with more clean towels. Blot until all moisture comes up. Vacuum when dry.

Ever felt like being a genius? Remove red wine stains in carpet using white wine. Blot up all moisture with clean towels and then vacuum when dry.

Clean-Master knows lots more ways to naturally clean carpet between professional visits. To learn more tips, contact us or visit the website.

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    Author: Adelfa Abril

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