How to Create a Workable Home Remodeling Budget

by | Oct 12, 2018 | Home Remodeling


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If you are planning a home remodeling job, one of the first things you may have noticed is that your plan is getting very expensive. Unfortunately, there is very few homes remodel or upgrade projects that don’t cost a pretty penny. However, it’s important to remember that the majority of what you invest in these projects goes right back into the value of your home. Here’s how to create a budget that works for your home and family, so you can get the upgrades you want:

Start with an Estimate

Your first task will be jotting down details of everything you want to do and creating a ballpark estimate of how much it might cost. It’s okay to be way off – you can always adjust that amount later. A quick internet search will give you ideas of how much you’re looking at shelling out for your renovations and will help you create your outline.

Create a Limit

An important part of sticking to your budget is creating a cap. Set a sensible spending limit for your entire project, as well as for individual aspects. This way, you can adjust the overall limit as necessary and keep an eye on your wallet throughout your remodel.

Establish Priorities

It’s hard to know where you’re willing to go a little over budget – or rework your budget entirely – if you don’t know what your priorities are. Sit down with your spouse or anyone else who is sharing the cost and burden of these projects with you to determine what matters most to each of you before proceeding.

Get Quotes

Once you know what needs to be done – and which tasks are most important to you should begin collecting quotes for those jobs from local contractors. See where these quotes fit with your spending limit and start narrowing down your options for which professionals to partner with.

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