Lake Norman Power Seeding: A Do-It-Yourself Project or Not?

by | May 23, 2014 | Landscaping


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If you have bare patches and need to reseed, you might consider Lake Norman Power Seeding, as it can provide enough seed to give you a lush and wonderful lawn. Many people want to do this type of project on their own, not trusting anyone else with their lawn.

To do this, you will need a power seeder, tiller, rake, soil, grass seeds, compost and a garden hose. You will probably need to rent a power seeder or purchase one. This can cost quite a bit of money and you should call the hardware store ahead of time to ensure they have one available.

Till the lawn where you will be seeding with a tiller, which will break up the large clumps of earth. You will also want to remove vegetation and weeds by digging them out, either with your hands or a shovel.

Next, you will want to level the yard using a rake. Add dirt or soil into areas where it is not level or there are holes. The power seeder will require a flat surface. You will need to water the entire yard for three days in a row before you seed. Keep this in mind when renting your power seeder.

Put the grass seeds into the seeder. You will need to know what type of grass you use so you can figure out the amount of seeds required. For example, ryegrass will need to be planted eight to 10  pounds per 1,000 square feet.

Push your power seeder across the entire lawn. You will then want to rake 1/4-inch of compost over the seed and water the area thoroughly.

You can see from the description above that power seeding takes a lot of time and knowledge. If you don’t know the type of grass you have, you may not put the correct amount of seeds into the seeder. Because you have to water the yard three days before seeding, you know it will take at least four days to complete the process.

Consider hiring a professional lawn care company for your Lake Norman Power Seeding needs. These people are fully capable of identifying the type of grass you use and will know how to work the lawn properly.