Locating Expert Pest Control in Decatur, TX

by | May 9, 2013 | Pest Control


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There is nothing worse for a homeowner than waking up in the middle of the night and hearing scratching and screeching come from inside the walls. No, it’s not a Stephen King novel come to life, it’s a raccoon or squirrel trapped inside. Of course waking up and finding welts on their body, because bed bugs have invaded their space isn’t particularly appealing for a homeowner either. When things like this happen it’s time to call in a reliable Pest Control Decatur TX service. They will be able to rid a home and yard of the smallest insect to larger rodent, and keep them away.

While professional Exterminators Decatur TX services can get rid of termites eating away at a house or stop gophers from tunneling in the front yard, one treatment can keep them away forever. Most pest control warranties last from 30 days for yard fleas and ticks to 365 days for fire ants. So it’s obvious that the homeowner should invest in preventative maintenance to ensure a bug-free and pest-free environment.

Most Pest Control Decatur TX companies understand that the average homeowner will find pest control maintenance programs to be expensive. Most have some form of affordable payment plan available. The most common approach is for the customer to pay one half of the total cost at the time the extermination or pest removal service. Then the second have can be paid over next three to six months. Most exterminators require that the customer give them their credit card information and agree to automatic payments.

Removing the pests is just half of the problem. For example, bat removal specialists have to understand how to clean and sanitize the area. Bat guano can carry many diseases and several of them can be fatal. Most exterminators will show homeowners how the pest entered their home. Besides creating a chemical barrier with powerful insecticides, they can give the homeowner tips for using screens, metal and wooden barriers to keep them outside. As people continue moving into more rural areas, they will have to work even more closely with pest control professionals to maintain a safe and clean living space and yard.