Metal and Asphalt Roofing Options

by | Dec 20, 2018 | Roofing


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When it comes to home improvement, at some point the roof will need to be replaced or repaired. In the past, Asphalt Roofing was the only choice you had for a new roof, but today metal roofing for residential homes is growing very quickly and becoming a favorite choice for homeowners. In addition, Metal Roofing Repair Boy is available should you already have a metal roof on your home and it is in need of repairs.

Metal roofing was once used almost exclusively on barns or commercial buildings but rarely on residential homes. Today, it is a very fast growing roofing material because technology has improved and made it possible to not only use it for residential homes but make it look good as well.

One of the best things about metal roofing is it lasts about 50 years or more, which means many people will never have to replace it. The roof can be made to match the other homes around it. Other benefits include being fire resistant, the panels won’t warp or bend, and the panels are interlocking to resist wind and avoid leaking. Moreover, the panels are lightweight yet provide energy efficiency since it helps to keep your home cooler.

One of the best advantages over asphalt roofing in Rogers, Ar is the metals used are made from recycled materials, which means it is more eco friendly. The warranty typically includes hail damage protection since the metal is tough and won’t dent from big hail.

Since the metal roofs last so long, there may come a time when it may need minor Metal Roofing Repair Boyne City MI due to a bit of rusting if you live in an area that has a lot of moisture year round. However, with a metal roof it will rarely need to be completely replaced if it is one of the newer metals used in roofing. This makes it far superior to other roofing materials since it outlasts traditional roofing.

Lastly, metal roofing also comes in a variety of colors and is sold as whole sheets or the panels. Most homeowners prefer the panels since it looks nicer and it’s easier to match to the other homes in the neighborhood.

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