Metal Buildings in Oklahoma are Strong and Attractive

by | Mar 31, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance


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Commercial and industrial buildings have many different requirements than residential structures. They are often much larger and have to accommodate large pieces of equipment. An efficient assembly line uses a large amount of horizontal space. Often front-end loaders and other vehicles have to navigate the space. It would be inconvenient and a safety hazard for the factory owner to put support columns in the middle of this space. Because the steel and other metals are so strong, the roof in a Metal Buildings Oklahoma can span large distances without internal support.

Manufacturing plants and warehouses contain a lot of expensive machinery and materials. A metal building is one of the best ways to protect them from weather events and fire. While hale can damage traditional shingles, it bounces right off of a metal roof. A few stray sparks from a nearby wildfire will be a deal with quickly by the roof sprinkler system because Metal Buildings Oklahoma are fire-resistant. If a fire occurs inside the building, it will travel more slowly because of metal interior walls and fire doors. Local fire departments will have more time to fight the fire and nearby businesses will be much safer. Insurance companies agree that metal buildings are safer and last longer. Therefore, the insurance premium for a metal building is much lower than premiums for other types of structures. Click here for more details.

Business owners want their buildings to be attractive, as well as sturdy. Today’s metal buildings have a variety of architectural designs. They can have pitched roofs as well as flat roofs. The buildings can also come in a variety of colors. Large doors that allow access for trucks and other equipment can be designed to fit into the exterior design. Metal building designers can also include attractive open areas with roofs for storage of tractors and other agricultural equipment. Stone and brick facades can be placed on top of the steel. This is particularly attractive if part of the space will be used as a retail or commercial space.

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