Understanding Car Window Tinting in Wichita, KS

by | Mar 30, 2015 | Contractor, Home Improvement


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There are numerous reasons you may wish to tint your car’s windows. When you apply Window tinting Wichita KS to a vehicle, you will help to protect not only the interior from sun damage, but also your skin. Furthermore, the window tint boosts the appearance of your car, giving it a customized, sporty look. Before you rush out to have your windows tinted, however, you need to know the main types of window tint and the benefits and drawbacks of each.

Dyed window film is constructed using a layer of dye which is placed between a protective top coating and an adhesive layer. The adhesive sticks to the window and the top coating prevents scratches and nicks. With this type of Window tinting Wichita KS, you can block as much as 50 percent of light entering the car. This type is very dark and non-reflective, and many prefer this, yet it won’t block radio waves. Unwanted glare from oncoming headlights and bright lights is blocked with this type of film.

Metalized window film has several layers, including an adhesive layer, one which blocks UV radiation, and a metalized layer to reflect heat and darken your window. This film also has the protective top coat and only allows ten to forty percent of the light to enter the vehicle. This is the most effective type if you wish to block heat and glare as it won’t fade over time, and it’s incredibly durable.

Hybrid Window tinting Wichita KS offers the advantages of the two above types, combined into one great product. It features the adhesive layer and top coat along with the dyed and metalized layers. You’ll find this material can also block up to 50 percent of the light. Hybrid tinting film blocks heat, UV rays and glare easily, and it resists fading. This type tends to be less costly than metalized film.

Ceramic film is the newest window tint option. It blocks heat, glare, and UV rays and is fade resistant. It isn’t as reflective at the metalized film, however. One benefit is it won’t interfere with radio signals when the antennae are in the window.

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