One-Third of Construction Site Deaths in the US Involve Roof Falls

by | Aug 16, 2021 | Railing


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Studies have found that falls from roofs account for around one-third of all fall-related construction site deaths. Moreover, smaller construction companies are impacted the most. No matter the size of your company or work crew, however, rooftop safety is essential.

Workers for roofing and residential construction contractors have a much higher risk of falling from a roof than any other worker. Every construction contractor should provide safety measures for their workers and conduct fall prevention training. Some key safety measures are roof guardrails and lifeline harnesses.

The roof’s edge and areas around skylights tend to be the most dangerous spaces to work on a roof. Workers must wear their safety harnesses and remain connected to their lifeline at all times. These harnesses need to be properly fitted to minimize risk. Every ladder must also be in good condition. Along with this, workers must be taught the ways to safely use a ladder.

If possible, contractors should install a roof guardrail. Not only can guardrails help prevent falls during construction, but they will also be a valuable safety feature once construction is done. Workers will need to access the roof during the life of the building, whether it’s for HVAC service or roof maintenance.

Rooftop safety is essential during all phases of construction and that includes not only safety equipment but also proper safety training.

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