Roofers in Springfield VA Offer At Least Three Top-Tier Luxury Roof Options

by | Aug 21, 2015 | Home Remodeling


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There are about 30 different roofing styles available, and hundreds of various skins and shingle types that one can choose from. Below are three that bring about an extremely unique and enthralling look to the home. These are not a typical generic metal roof.

Supreme Three Tab

A lot of the roofs allure comes from the texture. The Supreme Three Tab product from Roofers in Springfield VA is fitted with some sensational texturing. The tiles are light brown in color, which is a rather standard coloration. What makes the tiles special is its brazen design. Each one consists of many small and distinct shades of brown that are whirled and mixed like a tornado. It gives each tile a fascinating draw. From a distance, the tile could appear brick-like in design.

Weathered Timber

Weathered timber is so utterly enchanting. The color looks pulled right from the side of a castle in a fantasy story. The timber coloration ranges from a soft alluring gray to a darker shade of gray or even black. The color pattern is not consistent spread like a checkerboard but randomly placed. That gives the roof a more naturalistic style that many homeowners simply adore. There is also a touch of brown present in the weathered timber. The tiles are left to naturally date, so that gives them an even more pronounced naturalism from Roofers in Springfield VA.

Camelot Royal Slate

This type of slate is dark gray, almost black in color. It is extremely vibrant, and even has a subtle glow that makes it glisten when the sun hits it. Slate is considered the longest lasting stone tile in the marketplace. With that comes a lofty cost. Many homeowners consider it worth it, and the addition of a slate roof provides a sizable boost to the property value. For homeowners looking for curbside appeal and property value, the slate is an obvious choice. Others looking for the visual glamor of the slate could do no wrong with the Camelot Royal.

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