Standards for Swimming Pools in Kansas City

by | Nov 12, 2013 | Home And Garden


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An estimated three to four hundred children below the age of five drown in pools every year in this country. An additional three thousand are treated for sinking in swimming pools at their homes. Drowning is the second leading cause of accidental deaths in children under five years in the country. Consequentially, manufacturers have set standards for swimming pools and developed safety devices for them. This has resulted in increased safety of Swimming Pools Kansas City. Other than the U.S. where pool dimensions are measured in yards and feet, the dimensions are in meters in other parts of the world.

The depth of a swimming pool is basically determined by its use. If the pool is to be used for private relaxing and swimming, it should be relatively shallow. If it is for public diving, the pool should meet regulation depths to avoid disabling diving injuries. However, if a swimming pool is to be used by children for playing, it should be shallow enough to avoid submersion when toddlers are standing. Owing to the varied swimming requirements, many swimming pools tend to have different depths. In addition to this, public swimming pools have clearly marked depths on the walls; swimming pools for the Olympics, however, have fixed dimensions and must meet both the standard width and depth requirements. Olympic sized pools should be subdivided into eight lanes.

Water temperature in the pool is maintained at approximately 77 degrees. Additionally, these swimming pools should have a lightning level of not less than 1500 flux. Currently, most swimming pools Kansas City contractors adhere to these international standards when building one. Manufactures have also produced a number of safety devices to combat incidences of drowning in swimming pools. These include: removable baby fences, door alarms as well as floating alarms. Some pools are also installed with electronic safety systems and computerized drowning prevention.

To achieve utmost adherence to these preset standards and keep swimming pools safe, you should have them installed by recognized companies like Banks Blue Valley Pool & Spa Designs. This will ensure that the Swimming Pools Kansas City areas are constructed with a lot of professionalism.