Tips for Getting Into a Roofing Career

by | Jun 1, 2016 | Roofing


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Whether you are in St. Louis or elsewhere, roofing careers can be very lucrative.  Read on for information to help you get into a roofing career:

Hard Work:

Manual labor can be extremely hard work, of course. Not everyone is equipped to do manual labor. But that said, many roofers love it and not only do they earn good wages for their efforts but get themselves into peak physical condition. Bags of shingles can be heavy. This is a position that has you continually lifting, moving, stretching, and your body will continually strengthen as you work a roofing career.


When it comes to roofing, St. Louis winters can be cold. There may be timeframes where there are work shortages. That said, the reverse is true. During the months with good weather, the roofing industry typically has more than ample opportunity for skilled roofers to make overtime. For that reason, many roofers don’t mind the slow season all that much because they’ve worked so hard through the spring, summer, and fall. Many take their vacations when they can’t be up on a roof and save some of that summer and fall overtime for the several weeks during winter when roofing isn’t possible.


Safety rules and guidelines exist for a reason. Working at heights, working on steep peaks, and carrying heavy bags of shingles and other equipment up ladders means that safety-mindedness is of utmost importance. Roofing companies in St. Louis and elsewhere need to have safety guidelines in place and roofing laborers as well as shinglers need to adhere to tie off rules and occupational safety so that they can ensure that they can do their job safely.

If you’re interested in a career in roofing, you often begin as a laborer and can graduate to shingler, and potentially into a foreman role, if you display leadership skills.

This is a physically demanding job but can be a very rewarding one.