Caring for Office Plants

by | Jun 2, 2016 | Home And Garden


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Office plants beautify your workplace, purify indoor air, and develop a naturalistic component to oftentimes sterile-looking workplaces. Because they change and grow, some individuals even see plants as companionable. They may be easy to care for with some tips to keep them healthy. For more Primary plant installation and maintenance tips contact Plantscapes U.S.A. today at 610-329-0000.

Plants need light

Make certain that the plants receive light. Plants require light! Identify how much natural light is needed for plants, or whether it’s possible to have an inside grow light put close to the plant. A window is the perfect place for a plant, yet be certain to have a tray or saucer beneath the plant to catch any drips of condensation or watering, which oftentimes occurs in the evening on the leaves.

Plants need water

Water the plants as necessary. Plants require water; however, not too little nor too much. As you water, water until you’re able to witness it come out of the pot’s bottom. Never place plants inside pots that do not have at least a single hole at the bottom! Be realistic concerning how much attention you need to provide to the office plants, and prepare accordingly.

Watch out for plant pests

Be on the lookout for plant pests. Occasionally, plants attract pests – insects which eat it and cause the plant to lose vigor. A few plants are less prone to pests than others. Plants that have thin leaves usually get whitefly and spider mites, other ones get mealy or scale bugs. Study how you can identify these insects and how you can treat them (typically a soil drenching systemic insecticide is going to do the job, yet not always, therefore it is vital that you learn these things.) Viruses and mold also can affect plants, too, yet they’re less common.

For more information on Primary plant installation and maintenance tips,contact Plantscapes U.S.A. today at 610-329-0000.