What Are the Benefits of a Sunroom Addition to your Home?

by | Dec 7, 2015 | Home Improvement


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There are many times in life when more room in your home would be welcomed. Maybe your children are growing and could use some more space of their own, or maybe you are expecting your first child and could use a nursery. The men of the house may be itching for a man cave, or a home entertainment room could make the entire family happy. No matter what the reason may be for needing extra room, home additions are becoming more and more popular around the country. One of the most common additions homeowners consider is a sunroom. Also known in some areas as a conservatory, sunrooms in San Antonio are a great way to bring in ample amounts of natural lighting while keeping out the undesirable elements, insects or neighborhood pests.

What Can You Do With a Sunroom?

Sunrooms are exactly what they sound like; a room that gets plenty of sun. As such, they are extremely popular areas for growing potted plants, exotic orchids and even dwarf ornamental trees. Many homeowners use this as a gathering space for family events or holidays, or as a breakfast nook for the immediate family to enjoy. Additionally, comfortable furniture can be placed in a sunroom to provide a great area to enjoy a book, make a phone call, or simply watch the clouds pass by overhead. Sunrooms are normally just like a standard room in your home which means you can have carpeting, electrical outlets and climate control in them as well. This provides a very comfortable and relaxing area for you to spend some time.

Plenty of Building Options

Sunrooms in San Antonio can be made to almost any size you have in mind. Whether you want a small area for one chair, or would like a large buffet type area for family gatherings, the design is limited only by your imagination and budget. Visibility can be customized to your liking as well with the sunroom having full glass wall panels and glass roof, or can be given more of a solid room feel with larger viewing areas and picture windows. Exterior features can be made to stand out from your existing siding, or can be blended in as a seamless addition to your home. No matter what you have in mind, working with a professional company can help make your project ideas and goals a reality without any hassles or headaches along the way.

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