Aluminum Garage Cabinets are Revolutionizing Kitchen Decor

by | Dec 24, 2015 | Doors And Windows


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Reducing clutter has become something of a movement in the past few years. Entire websites are devoted to minimalist style and only keeping around as much stuff as you need. Researchers have found that there’s actually an upper limit to how much possessions can improve someone’s quality of life. Perhaps surprisingly, that ceiling is pretty low. Eventually your life becomes so cluttered that you start to feel actual stress. Also, clutter just doesn’t look good.

Coffee Makers, toasters, blenders, and other appliances can be something of an eyesore. Coffee makers are especially guilty of being unattractive on a kitchen counter because of the way that coffee seems to get everywhere. Unless you’re washing your carafe and cleaning the coffee maker every morning, it’s probably got a few coffee stains on it. Why not just hide it away? Aluminum garage cabinets hide your appliances and create a sleek, uncluttered look.

Roll Up Cabinets

Roll up cabinets, or garage cabinets, are exactly what they sound like; they’re cabinet doors that roll up and down just like your garage doors. They’re perfect for small kitchens that don’t have much space or for sleek, modern kitchens with accents of aluminum. For the small kitchens, aluminum garage cabinets save you a significant amount of space. You’re able to open your cabinets without taking up any space because the door rolls up into the cabinet instead of swinging out. Standard cabinet doors can be as much as 24 inches wide. That’s two feet you might not have to spare in a very tiny kitchen.

In a modern, stylish kitchen, the aluminum garage cabinets add a touch of 21st-century style. Polished metal has always been an attractive look, but now with the advent of stainless steel and aluminum appliances, your cabinet doors can match.

A Conversation Starter

Entertaining at your home is great fun. You get to see friends and family without having to go out. Roll up cabinet doors are a pretty unique feature for your kitchen that is sure to get everyone talking. Lulls in conversation are an inevitable feature of a dinner party, but adding conversation pieces around the house can really help keep people talking.


Besides the aesthetics, aluminum doors just make sense. Wooden cabinet doors are classic but they get dirty and need new coats of paint or the humidity in the kitchen will start to degrade the wood. You don’t have to paint an aluminum door or even re-finish it. Aluminum is corrosion resistant, fireproof, and rust-proof. All you have to do is install the doors and they’re good to go. You might have to oil the wheels from time to time to make sure it’s still rolling smoothly, but that takes about five seconds.