What Is MDF?

by | Dec 30, 2014 | Doors And Windows


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MDF or medium density fiberboard is somewhat similar to particleboard inasmuch as it is a composite wood product. MDF is manufactured using the fibers from waste wood; these are then glued together using a resin material plus heat and pressure. The material is ideal for one-piece MDF doors in Toronto as well as complete cabinets and moldings as it is very smooth, uniform in size and will not warp.

MDF is a material which has a number of advantages over wood planks, particleboard or HDF, high density fiberboard. The material is extremely smooth as it is made from wood fibers which are uniform and very fine, this leads to what is called “low tear out” which simply means that when the material is sawed, the cut end remains smooth and not ragged as is the case with other materials. The material is also ideal for painting, one cost of primer and a couple of coats of finish paint will leave a remarkably smooth finish which is impossible to get with other materials without a great deal of preparatory work including sanding. MDF has a very mild reaction to moisture; one-piece MDF doors in Toronto will not warp or swell in areas of the home where one can expect high humidity such as the bathroom and kitchen.

Home builders use MDF extensively, they use it for the construction of shelves, decorative moldings, full doors, cabinet doors and drawer fronts as well as for laminate flooring. Contractors value the material as it is a great insulation against both sound and heat, it is also very easy to work with; it can be cut with a saw, nailed, screwed, stapled or held in place with dowels, no different from plank wood. Cutting MDF does generate a lot of fine dust but most contractors use a saw equipped with a carbide blade and a vacuum system to reduce the amount of dust. Although it may be dusty during construction, it never flakes or creates dust one it has been installed and finished.

MDF as well as other types of engineered woods are often covered with a veneer or are laminated. These thin layers of real wood or vinyl disguise the MDF making it ideal for one piece MDF doors in Toronto that are destined for use in a designer kitchen or bath. Many contractors and cabinet makers prefer MDF over wood as it has a much lower impact on the environment as it is made solely from waste that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

One piece MDF doors in Toronto are ideal when used to manufacture cabinet doors and drawer fronts. MDF is dimensionally stable and very easy to finish and maintain. You are invited to look at the variety of cabinet doors available from LOVECH Ltd.