When is it Time to Call a Painter in University Place, WA?

by | Sep 16, 2016 | Painting


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The exterior of a home makes or breaks people’s first impressions of the family or individual living in it. But home maintenance doesn’t have to be expensive. Having a house professionally repainted is a great way to give the entire property a makeover without breaking the budget. When it’s time to repaint, finding a reasonably priced Painter in University Place WA will ensure results that impress guests and passersby alike, putting a household’s best face forward.

Sometimes, it’s obvious when a fresh paint job is necessary. Those who have recently purchased properties that have not been in use for a few years will be quick to see the value of a paint job. But, living in the same place for prolonged periods can make it harder to notice signs of slow decline. Below are some things to look out for that can alert homeowners the time has come to call a painting company.

Signs that the paint is beginning to age, like peeling and flaking, indicate that it is no longer doing its intended job of protecting the walls. This is not only unattractive, but it also means that more extensive damage may be imminent. As house paint ages, it breaks down and slowly becomes less effective at keeping out the elements. An even earlier sign that this is beginning to occur is chalking. Sometimes, running a hand over the exterior surface of the wall creates a residue on the skin. This occurs as the paint deteriorates and will only get worse over time, leading, eventually, to faded color and peeling paint.

Should a building go for too long without a fresh coat of paint, the wood underneath will begin to show signs of rot. At this point, there will be a need for further repair before repainting is possible, as the damaged wood will have to be replaced to restore the structural integrity of the walls. Some painting services do offer basic repairs as well, which can save homeowners a few dollars and a lot of hassle. Homeowners looking for a Painter in University Place WA can contact Tracy’s Quality Painting Inc. to learn more about painting and other home maintenance and repair services they offer. Quotes are available free of charge online or by phone.