When to Call a Plumbing Contractor before Your Plumbing Gets Worse

by | May 27, 2015 | Plumbing


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Minor plumbing issues in your home can turn into major problems if you don’t get them fixed right away. Leaky pipes can cause damage to your home, a slow draining sink can lead to a nasty clog, and mineral deposits can cause low water pressure. Below, you’ll learn how a Plumbing Contractor can quickly fix these issues for you so they don’t get worse.

Leaking Water Pipes

When you have a water pipe that’s leaking inside your home, this causes several problems. The moisture can cause mold to grow, and breathing in this fungus is unhealthy for you and your family. Depending on the location of the leak, water that drips constantly can damage your walls, ceiling, and floor. Leaky pipes waste water, and this will cause your water bill to increase. A plumber will replace the leaking pipe and inspect the rest of your water pipes for damage. If your water pipes are old and worn out, the plumber may recommend replacing your entire plumbing system to prevent future damage.

Slow Drains

If it takes longer than normal for the water to drain out of your sink and bathtub, you have a clog forming in your water pipe. The debris in your pipe is keeping the water from draining normally. When a clog accumulates enough debris, it will stop up the drain and restrict the flow of water altogether. Before your drain begins backing up because of a clog, contact a professional to remove the debris so that your drain runs freely again.

Low Water Pressure

When you have low water pressure it may be, caused by mineral deposits from your water. These deposits collect on your showerhead and on the filter screens in your faucet. Scrub off the sediment with a scrub brush and your water pressure should return to normal. If your water pressure doesn’t increase, call a certified Plumbing Contractor to check for a leak in your water pipes.

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