Why Do You Need a Tree Watering System?

by | Nov 7, 2014 | Home And Garden


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You may already be familiar with traditional grass watering systems, but did you know that trees need a tree watering system of their own? A tree, new or established, is not a blade of grass. It is far more complex being that requires some special considerations and care for it to flourish. A tree is, after all, 80% water.

If you want to grow and nourish beautiful trees that are guaranteed to last for years, consider investing on a proper tree watering system. In addition to the tree’s beauty, this article provides three other specific reasons to integrate a watering systems into your garden today.

Three Reasons to Use a Tree Watering System

Reason #1: Right Amount of Water for the Right Tree
Newly planted trees and established trees need different amounts of water. Newly planted trees (generally, those that are less than three years old) require more water than established trees because their roots are still growing into the soil. If you neglect to water a new tree, you risk drying out their roots and, ultimately, killing it. New trees need to have a tree watering system that can give it about 25 gallons of water per week.

Established trees have different needs based on their location. Clearly, established trees in dryer areas with less rainfall will need to be irrigated with about as much as 35 gallons per week, while trees in places with adequate rainfall can probably use a watering system that only feeds is 15 gallons per week. You also do not want to over-water a tree: you risk “drowning” it or making it dependent on the watering system instead of allowing it to adapt to its environment.

Either way, the right watering system ensures that each tree in your garden gets the right amount of water it needs.

Reason #2: Save Time and Effort
Do you have time to water tree at the intervals it needs to be beautiful? Tree watering systems slowly drip water continuously directly into the soil. Instead of standing with a hose in front of your tree several times a week, or using too much water with the lawn sprinkling system, you are able to offload the responsibility of tree care to the water system.

Reason #3: Water Multiple Trees Simultaneously
Tools and innovations in gardening have resulted in various methods to take care of multiple trees. For example, you can circle water irrigation bags around your clusters or trees, or you can purchase one bag per tree if they are spread out. Instead of committing precious time to watering each tree individually, you can take care of them simultaneously with minimal effort.

Find the Tree Watering System that Right for You
Irrigation watering bags that slowly drip into the soil around the tree’s roots are the best type of tree watering system. Find one to fit the trees in your home today at Blue Stone Garden.