3 Benefits of Stump Grinding in Fort Myers FL

by | Oct 23, 2018 | Tree Service


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If the area around the home is full of ugly tree stumps, sump grinding in Fort Myers FL presents an affordable, easy solution. Stump grinding is a type of tree service that eliminates unwanted stumps after trees die, fall, or are cut down. Most of today’s tree removal services provide stump grinding help, and there are a few reasons local homeowners may benefit from the service.

Enhancing the Space and Its Aesthetics

When homeowners prefer neat hedges, tidy lawns, and spotless landscaping, a tree stump does them no favours. Stump grinding in Fort Myers FL is an inexpensive service that will substantially improve the appearance of the property as well as its value. If the yard is relatively small, a large stump may take up a great deal of room above ground, and more below. This makes it hard to garden or landscape in the area, but removing the stump will leave plenty of room for flower beds, patio furniture, or even a water feature.

Improving Safety and Convenience

Stumps present a serious hassle when it comes to mowing the lawn. When the yard is full of stumps, crews have to manoeuvrer around them, and inadvertently striking one may cause serious damage to the mower. Stumps also present a trip hazard, especially if there are seniors or children in the home. If a neighbour or a visitor trips on a stump, the homeowner may be held liable. However, with stump grinding in Fort Myers FL, these worries are a thing of the past.

Preventing Pests and Unwanted Regrowth

When tree stumps are left behind, they may cause new trees to grow nearby. Often, regrowth from a tree stump will cause a few small trees to pop up at the base. Besides being very unsightly, these seedlings may take nutrients and water from nearby landscaping. A stump also makes a great home for termites, ants, beetles, wood borers, and other insects. Therefore, they should be removed to prevent such pests from finding their way into the home.

Get Rid of That Stump Today

Tree stumps aren’t just unsightly, they may be dangerous. Call today to schedule an estimate or visit Sitename to find out more about the company’s products and services.