4 Essential Questions To Ask A Kitchen Remodeler In Edina MN

by | Oct 9, 2021 | Home Improvement


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If the kitchen in a person’s home is outdated and not as functional as they would like, they should consider a kitchen remodel. In most cases, kitchen remodels are expensive and time-consuming. If the homeowner works with the wrong contractor, the project can be even more expensive, even more time-consuming, and there will be plenty of headaches. If the homeowner wants to be sure that they are working with the best kitchen remodeler in Edina MN, there are a few questions that they should ask.

Have They Done Jobs Like This Before?

The first question that the homeowner should ask is if the contractor has ever done a kitchen remodel. Remodeling a kitchen is one of the more difficult jobs; therefore, the homeowner wants to work with someone who has experience.

Does the Contractor Have Before and After Photos?

Contractors who take pride in their work will often take before and after photos of the jobs that they have done. Some will have a portfolio, while others will have photos posted on their website or their social media page. Photos are good to have so that the homeowner can see what type of work the contractor is capable of.

Are They Licensed and Insured?

The homeowner should only consider hiring a contractor who is licensed and insured. If the contractor is licensed, the homeowner would be able to check into any unresolved issues or if there were any complaints filed against them. Insurance is also essential. If the contractor doesn’t have insurance and someone gets hurt on the homeowner’s property, they could be held liable.

Do They Offer a Guarantee?

It is a good idea to work with a contractor who offers a guarantee on their work. If something goes wrong shortly after the project was completed, the homeowner will have peace of mind that they will come back and fix it. If the contractor doesn’t offer a guarantee, it is better if the homeowner finds a different contractor.

A kitchen remodel is a big job. When the homeowner hires a kitchen remodeler in Edina MN, they need to be sure that they are hiring the best person for the job. If the homeowner asks the questions listed above, there is a good chance that they will hire the best person for the job.