A few good tips for maintaining your backyard pool

by | Jun 30, 2015 | Swimming Pool & Spa


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The whole idea of having a backyard pool is to enjoy it, not spend agonizing hours keeping it clean and well maintained. Swimming pool maintenance in Jacksonville Beach area does not have to be a difficult task, it is actually easier than you might think.

Every pool is different so are the maintenance requirements. Although this is a fact pools do share one common denominator; routine maintenance. Even if you are wise and rely on a professional pool service company to care for your pool there are a few things that you can and should do on your own to ensure that your pool is as clean and healthy today as it was when it was first installed.

It is a good idea to skim the surface of the pool every few days, more if your pool is near trees. Debris that lands on the surface will soon sink and when it does it becomes more difficult to remove. Skimming the pool helps to increase the efficiency of the pump and filter, it also lowers the amount of chlorine that you need to add.

Vacuum your pool weekly, once again a clean pool will lower the amount of chemicals that need to be added. While vacuuming the bottom, don’t forget the walls of the pool. Brush the walls first, this will dislodge any calcium deposits that can then be picked up by the vacuum.

Although each type of filter has a unique cleaning method all filters; cartridge type, sand and diatomaceous earth need attention. Do not clean the filter more than the manufacturer recommends, this may seem odd but excessive cleaning can actually hinder the operation of the filter, the dirt contained in the filter actually helps trap other particles. However, do not let the filter get too dirty, keep your eye on the flow and pressure gauges.

You will have to call a professional in swimming pool maintenance in Jacksonville Beach to service the pool heater. Both gas and electric heaters can usually make it through two or three swimming seasons without service but eventually calcium scale builds up on the heater tubes, preventing the water from flowing as it should.

During the swimming season a lot of water will disappear through evaporation and people splashing and leaving the pool. At the same time you skim the surface, check the water level and top it up as necessary, it cannot fall below the skimmer level as the pump may be seriously damaged.