Choosing The Right Wholesale Travertine

by | Jun 25, 2015 | Swimming Pool & Spa


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Quality counts in anything you add to your home. The last thing you want to do is to buy something that seems like a deal only to find out it is inferior or substandard. Buying wholesale travertine from a top level, reputable seller is a great idea, but buying from anyone else increases your risk of being dissatisfied with the final product.

Direct Importer

There are only a handful of direct importers of travertine in the United States today. There are many flooring stores and even big chain hardware stores selling travertine flooring, but they are not importing the stone from Turkey.

When you buy wholesale travertine from a retailer who is also an importer you have the best quality natural stone available. The company will not import a low quality of travertine as their business reputation depends on providing only the best in pavers and tiles. Shopping with a company going through a middleman means little control over the quality and greater chance of buying a less than optimal quality. It also means adding to the cost of the travertine instead of getting it at an amazing price.

Top Selection

Any true wholesale travertine outlet will have an outstanding selection in both tiles and pavers. Selection will include not just the full range of earthy colors which are the hallmark of this natural stone, but also different types of finishes and edges for you to select.

Although a top selection may make it more difficult to make a decision, it also gives you a greater appreciation of the colors and finishes avialable. By seeing the range of possibilities, you will choose the tile or paver that is perfect for your home or outdoor area and never have any second thoughts.

Years of Experience

It is important to choose a company offering wholesale travertine with true experience in the industry. In the construct industry, there are many companies that come and go, and you want to work with a company that has already stood the test of time.

A wholesaler who has experience in direct imports, as well as marketing and selling, will already be a provider to the major contractors in your area. Buying from the same travertine company as a top contractor is always a smart decision and an excellent way to make a solid investment in your new patio deck or interior flooring choice.