Landscaping Around A Travertine Pool Deck

by | Jun 25, 2015 | Flooring


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Making the decision to install travertine pavers and coping to create a custom designed pool and deck is a great decision for any homeowner to make. This natural stone is beautiful, durable and classic, and will add to the value of your home. It will also turn a basic backyard into a beautiful and relaxing retreat, which can be styled to your specific taste and style.

Once you have the travertine pool deck installed, your next step is to add to the landscaping around the deck to create just the look you want. For some people this may be a tropical getaway with shade trees, or even palm trees in the south, as well as amazing flowering plants and a covered area.

You may also want to choose a more minimal approach, adding a few selected ornamental grasses and topiary shrubs to accent the shapes and lines of the pool deck itself. With a travertine pool deck, you can create any look you want since this natural stone blends with any style of landscaping and theme.

Water Features and Shapes

With the natural stone of travertine on the deck, it is easy to add water features and shape elements around the pool area made of other types of natural stone. Waterfalls, rock piles featuring different levels to hold potted plants, or even rock retaining walls will only enhance the look of your travertine pool deck. Dividers made of rocks or out of pavers can naturally section the deck area and build in lines that will make your pool deck area appear much larger and more multi-dimensional.

This is particularly impressive if you choose a multi-level deck. The lines of the levels of the deck can extend into the landscaping elements, providing an amazingly complimentary look.

The Durability Factor

With its durability, your travertine pool deck is not just beautiful, it is functional as well. This stone can stand up to direct sunlight, heat, shade and moisture and always continue to be as lovely as the day it was installed. This provides even more options for landscaping around the patio, pool and walkways as you can be as creative or as conservative as you like.

Contractors and home do-it-yourselfers love travertine as a paver material. It can be used to create any shape of pool and deck, allowing you to develop just the look you want to complement your yard, existing landscaping, and the lines of your home.