A Guide to Acoustical Wallcovering

by | Jan 28, 2015 | Home And Garden


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Remodeling your home and office can be a lot of fun. You can pick out designs, colors and decorations. Whether you do this yourself or hire a decorator, you still must choose. Knowing your different options ahead of time will save you a lot of time and money. If you choose not to paint the walls, you can select from several other classy options. Acoustical wallcoverings is one of the many choices you can pick. Below is a guide to selecting the right acoustical wallcovering for you space.

The Perfect Space for Acoustical Wallcovering

Acoustical wallcoverings were named for their main purpose. Acoustical comes from the Latin word for sound. These wallcovering are used in spaces where you are looking to block out sound, or add privacy to a room or space. Many offices use them for conference rooms; recording studios use it in their studios; movie theaters use it to keep sound from being heard outside of the theatre; and some restaurants use it in private dining rooms. Many decorators have used Acoustical wallcoverings in many other situations.

What Should I Know When Picking Out Acoustical Wallcoverings?

Acoustical wallcovering should be used on only vertical walls. Using it on slanted or partial walls can give the effect of the walls and ceiling coming down on you. This type of wallcovering comes in two different forms. The first form is a block like pattern. Many decorators choose this pattern because you can arrange the blocks to form different kinds of patterns. The second form is a weave pattern. Because there is only one way this pattern can look, it’s primarily used in spaces where the weave pattern goes with the specific motif they are trying for.

What is Acoustical Wallcovering Made From?

Acoustical wallcoverings are made from two different kinds of material. The first is polyester sheets. They are manmade sheets normally one inch in thickness. The second is olefin fibers. This type is only ¼ to ½ inch thick. Because it isn’t as thick as the polyester form, it’s more popular in spaces where there is a lot of public presence. You have to be careful when making your decision on which material to use. If you are remodeling a large space with multiple rooms, you want to make sure the type of acoustical wallcovering matches the entire project not just the intended room.

When you are remodeling or redecorating a space, you want to make sure you know all of your options. Acoustical wallcovering is a great option for spaces you want to add privacy by limiting or blocking off sound. With the two different options available, there is something to match every project.