Different Styles Of Decorative Fencing

by | Jan 19, 2015 | Home Improvement


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There are a number of decorative fence styles that are not only functional but also pleasing to the eye; these factors make them ideal for enclosing residential properties. A residential fencing company in Grand Rapids is often called upon to install fences that offer privacy and security while still adding to the aesthetics of the property. Split rail fencing, often called “farm fence” is ideal if the objective is to add a rustic look to the home whereas a picket fence is great for defining the property line without having a negative impact on the visual appreciation of the neighborhood. Other popular types of residential fencing include wrought iron and lattice.

A privacy fence is often found in the backyard of a suburban home, it offers security and safety as well as privacy. This type of fence is usually at least six feet tall with a minimal distance between the slats, perhaps little more than 1/8”, enough to allow for air flow. The decorative element of this type of fence is the design on the top of each slat, slat size and the stain that is used on the wood. A number of interesting looks can be created by varying the slat widths.

The original intention of a split rail fence was to enclose livestock in a given pasture area, over time this type of fence has become quite popular around homes which have a distinctive ranch or country style to them. Split rail fences are ideal for defining the property line with little or no obstruction of the view. This type of fence normally uses three or four split rails set between posts, the rails are often left unpainted or unstained, allowing them over time to weather into a wonderful patina.

A residential fencing company in Grand Rapids is often called upon to install a picket fence, a very popular choice around the front yard of a property. A picket fence is defined by the sharp points on the top of each vertical slat; the slats are rarely in excess of two feet in height. The slats can be placed close together for privacy or wider apart if the objective is to keep pets or small children enclosed but not too close of the view of the neighborhood.

Another popular fence is a lattice style; this type of fence is decorative, offers security without the privacy and is ideal if the homeowner wishes to plant vines or other climbing plants as they react well to the latticework.