AC Systems Do Need Some Maintenance

by | Feb 12, 2013 | Heating and Air Conditioning


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Air conditioning systems are something that’s pretty much expected these days. If you own a business, your workers will soon tell you if the office is too warm; and at home, your kids will quickly start to complain if it’s too hot to sleep at night.

This is why many new buildings are constructed with air conditioning systems in place. These systems come with warranty but that won’t last forever. It doesn’t matter if your AC system is residential or commercial; it won’t last forever without some maintenance from time to time.

The trouble is we take this type of system for granted. When the weather gets warm, we expect to flick a switch and have the air around us cooled to an acceptable level. This is why there are so many emergency call-outs to companies that can handle an AC repair in Colorado Springs . If you happen to be in this situation, and don’t have the number of a company at hand, it can be pretty difficult to find someone who can pay you a visit right away.

The busiest times of year for AC repair companies is late spring when people are switching their units on for the first time, and mid-summer when units break-down completely. This is why it’s a good idea to schedule a maintenance check well before you intend to use your system.

This will not only save you money, but it will help to prevent you from becoming one of the many people who are left without air-con for a number of days because they can’t find an engineer to help right away. When your engineer comes to visit you, the first thing they will do is make sure there is power to your unit.

If they find it’s not working, they will set about finding out what the problem is. The other main priority is to check that all the parts associated with the main unit are clean and free from debris, and this check should also include the ducts. If you require any replacement parts, this should be done when your engineer visits to do the maintenance check.

Your engineer may tell you a part hasn’t yet worn out completely, but will advise if it should be replaced. And if you want to avoid an AC repair in Colorado Springs when you need your system most, it’s wise to take this advice. Any reputable engineer will be able to show you the part that requires replacement, and explain in easy to understand terms why you should have it replaced.

Once your system has been given the clearance, you should schedule your next appointment before the engineer leaves. This may be 12 months away, but you don’t want to end up not being able to have the service done because your chosen company is too busy.

If you do some forward planning and use a company that has an excellent reputation, you can avoid the need for an AC repair.


Reputable companies will help avoid the need for an AC repair in Colorado Springs. They can do yearly maintenance checks, and will even remind you when the next one is due. Visit