HVAC in Palatine Installation for Old Homes

The way old homes are designed makes it difficult to install heating ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. This however doesn’t always have to be the case. You can still make your living space more comfortable without compromising the aesthetics of your home. There are a few HVAC options that will work specifically for your old home. One good option for example is the mini-split system. This won’t require intensive ductwork, but rather uses individual cooling units which will be installed in each individual room. The only other thing needed to get your HVAC system working is a connecting power line to an air conditioning fan and compressor located outside the house, and a thin refrigerant.

Another important consideration that you will need to make is the quality of the HVAC Installation near Palatine. Your system has to be just right in terms of size so that it functions efficiently. Some of the problems that could occur include some rooms being too hot or too cold, a noisy system or a system that breaks down all the time. Getting a professional to assess your home and figure out the appropriate sized air conditioning that you will need is very important. They will then be able to guide you as to which will be the best HVAC system that will work for your specific needs.

Yet another important consideration is checking your house power before installing HVAC. Older homes are likely to have 110-volt, 60-amp power supply which will not be sufficient for a new air conditioning unit. To put it in perspective, a standard central air conditioner requires 230-volts dedicated circuit, and may need up to 50-amp depending on the size and function of the unit. You will therefore most likely need to make electrical upgrades before you can do any kind of work on your HVAC home system.

There are plenty of choices for HVAC, which is why you will need a professional to point you in the right direction. Such a professional will be able to assess your house HVAC needs and recommend and install the appropriate system. It is difficult to think of a better service in this case than Five Star Heating & Air, which is a 24 hour HVAC and plumbing company fully capable of taking care of all your needs at competitive pricing. Contact Five Star Heating & Air Inc. today to schedule your HVAC service in Palatine, IL, and the surrounding areas.


Author: Gisela Teamer

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