Are Snakes in Your Garden Dangerous?


Would you know the difference between a dangerous snake such as a pit viper, copperhead or rattler, or a safe snake such as a rat snake or garter snake as they slither across your yard? Would you try and use a snake trap or call professionals trained in pest control services in Palm Beach Gardens?

Choosing experienced professionals who work in your local community and understand the differences between the many varieties of safe and dangerous snakes is the best and safest choice.

Pest control services in Palm Beach Gardens will know that a scarlet king snake is not particularly dangerous to your family, but looks very much like the coral snake which is extremely venomous to both humans and animals.

A Rare Experience

Although there are dozens of species of snakes throughout Florida, you may not always see them from one year to the next. This may be because you or your neighbors have used professional pest control services in Palm Beach Gardens to ensure that you have a protected yard and home.

Snakes do not necessarily go looking for trouble and seek out humans who make a lot of noise around their property. Snakes will look for a quieter life, but they still require a source of food and water.

Should you see a snake, you should immediately get a safe distance away, and ensure your children and pets are kept at a safe distance in a safe place too.

It is most likely that the snake is simply passing through your property having been distracted elsewhere. They do not wish to meet you or your animals and will be looking for a safe place to sleep and eat.

If you have seen a snake on your property, try to take a photograph from a safe distance so that you can provide information to your professional pest control service and they can know what they may be dealing with. No matter what, do not take any risks, as the snake may be lethal to humans and pets.

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    Author: Adelfa Abril

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