Backyard Canopies can be Great Investments

by | Aug 17, 2013 | Home And Garden


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A canopy in the backyard is a great idea; canopies provide instant shelter from the sun and rain and can be left in place all summer long. When contemplating the purchase there are a few things that have to be taken into account, the main one being the space you have in the garden. It’s actually ideal to have one that is large enough to provide protection to the areas that you want protected, but no more as when they are oversized there is a tendency to overwhelm the yard. The cover material that you use needs to be considered. Even though    replacement canopy covers  are readily available, if you purchase a good one in the first place you can expect to get a few years out of it. The last real consideration is portability; although you think you know where you want it, you may find it suits a different area better at a later date.

Unless you have a huge garden, you should avoid overwhelming the place with the canopy. Really all you need is a canopy to cover that which is important during the summer, this may not be much more than the patio, however it may cover part of the lawn if the kids play in that area. It’s not just the area that needs to be considered, many people place furniture out during the season, the canopy should be large enough to accommodate whatever it is that is out; perhaps a few chairs and side tables is all you want, in other cases perhaps you have a fire pit that wants to be part of it. So the keys to size are the available space, what furnishings or other amenities are to be covered and how many people can be expected to be under it at any one time.

The durability and appearance of the material is very important, the cover will be the focus of the yard so the canopy should look great. There is no problem in getting replacement canopy covers but all the covers, regardless of whether they are the original or a replacement should be high quality, UV resistant and treated to resist mildew. As well as this, material that is easy to wipe clean is a bonus.

For small canopies there are some very neat pop-up units available. These canopies take very little to erect and can be taken down and thrown in the car if you’re heading to the beach for the day. takes great pride in the quality and workship of all our products.