Beautify Your Bathroom with the Best Glass Company

by | Jul 14, 2017 | Window


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You’ve decided to renovate your bathroom, and you want it to look gorgeous. You already picked out the perfect tile and a gorgeous countertop available. Did you even think of where you were getting the glass for that amazing glass shower door you have a mind? What about that mirror? If you’re going to get the best bathroom, you’re going to need the best glass company in Chicago. Here are some tips for finding one.

Personal Referrals

Have any of your friends or family members do a bathroom renovation lately? Go look at the glass in their bathroom and ask about the company. Personal referrals are by far the best because people in your personal life are likely, to be honest about their experience. You can also look up reviews of other customers’ experiences online to gauge whether or not your friend’s experience is the norm.

Professional Referrals

Personal referrals might be more honest, but professional referrals have more clout. If you’re working with a designer or a contractor on your bathroom renovation, they might have an established relationship with a glass company. You might want to use their glass company in that case because a professional relationship ensures that some more care is taken with your job.

Photographs of Their Work

Ask to see some photographs of their past jobs, or look some up online. Are they achieving the look you want? Does it look like they did a nice, clean job? Online photos might just be their best jobs, but you still want to get a gauge of their best.


Asking for references from past clients is a fantastic tool to find the best. The older the job from the reference, the better. You want to know how this glass holds up. Has it chipped or cracked for any of the past customers? How did the company handle that if it happened?

Finding a good quality glass company is a challenge, especially for someone who isn’t already familiar with the field. However, if you do your research, you can find the best company for your job. That way, you can have an absolutely gorgeous bathroom with no stress.