Benefits Offered by an Epoxy Floor

by | Jul 2, 2015 | Flooring


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Did you know that epoxy floor coverings are consider a durable and hard-wearing solution for industrial and commercial flooring needs? This type of flooring can be applied to concrete surfaces, ensuring high performance, as well as a great looking surface. Regardless of your industry, there is a good chance that this type of flooring will be beneficial. Some of the specific advantages offered are highlighted here.

Seamless, Easy to Clean Surface

One of the primary benefits offered by an epoxy floor is that they are seamless and durable, which means they can easily be cleaned and all debris, dust, and dirt can be easily removed. Due to this ease of cleaning, this flooring type is perfect for pharmaceutical preparation, beverage and food plants.

Durable Surface

Another benefit offered by this flooring option is that it is extremely hard-wearing and offers long-lasting durability. This type of flooring will last for a number of years down the road and ensure it does not have to be replaced time and time again.

Provisions of an Attractive Surface

When epoxy floorings dry, they provide a high gloss shine. These are also available in a number of different styles and colors. You can select a solid color, or even create a decorative pattern by using a number of different colors.

Surface that is Chemically Resistant

When the epoxy flooring is dry, it will provide a chemically resistant option. This is ideal for a number of different businesses including industrial plants, warehouses, and manufacturing plants.

Provides Superior Safety

This flooring option is also able to create a safer environment for workers and clients since the surface is fire, heat, impact and slip resistant. They can also help to improve the brightness of a work space by as much as 300 percent.

For more information about epoxy flooring, contact Hoffman Floor Covering Corporation today. Here the options can be discussed with industrial professionals to determine if it is right for a certain application. Keeping this in mind can help to find the right flooring option for any business or industry that needs to change or install a durable and safe option.