Call a Termite Inspection Company in Wellington, Florida If Termites Are Swarming Outside Your Home

by | Jan 30, 2018 | Pest Control


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While you may not spot termites on ground level, they certainly make their presence known in the air. During reproduction, you can catch sight of swarmers. Understanding how a colony is formed will give you a better idea of what you could be dealing with.

Therefore, if you contact a termite inspection company in Wellington, Florida, you will be better able to discuss any termite issues if you know the way that a colony is set up. The king reproduces with the queen. Thereafter, the queen in the colony lays millions of eggs, which is not good news for a homeowner with a termite situation. The soldiers, in turn, defend the colony against predators such as ants.

A Major Network

According to technicians who provide termite control services, workers make up most of a termite colony. They forage for food and feed the inhabitants of the colony. Thousands of swarmers go out and begin new termite colonies as well.

Keep Your Home Protected

As you can see, termites can indeed become a big infestation problem if you do not rely on the services of a termite inspection company. If your home has never had an inspection, now is the time to schedule the service. Even if you have not seen termites, an inspection is a good safeguard.

Call for an Inspection Today

Whether they are obvious or inconspicuous, a termite is not an insect that you want to ignore. That is why you need to obtain the phone number of a reliable pest management services company like Above & Beyond P.E.S.T. Control in your area. Doing so can mean the difference between structural damage and saving your house.

Partner with a termite inspection company to safeguard your property. Make sure that the company offers the right type of termite control system to treat the problem. Pest control technicians should understand the insects’ behavior in order to control and kill them. Therefore, make sure that the company you contact supports a control system that is based on a termite’s activities and habits.