Common Areas in Need of Roofing repairs in Naperville, IL

by | Sep 15, 2015 | Roofing


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Roofing Repairs in Naperville IL, are common. Homeowners need to ensure the roof is inspected on a regular basis, preferably twice a year, to detect problems early, as this tends to reduce the cost of the repairs while protecting the home and its contents. Certain areas typically develop problems, and homeowners must be aware of these areas, paying close attention to them during the inspection. The following are three of these areas.

Chimneys frequently develop leaks, and the leaks may be the result of fractures or failing caulk. The roofer needs to examine the entire area around the chimney to determine the cause. In some cases, simply replacing the sealant or caulking will suffice. The flashing also needs to be examined at this time to ensure it isn’t damaged or cracked. In the event problems are detected here, the flashing should be changed also.

A roofing valley exists in any area of the roof where two portions intersect. Special attention must be paid to these areas, as metal flashing can bring about problems. When the flashing is damaged in this area, it is more difficult to fix and requires an expert be called in. The problem is that many times the flashing haven’t been properly installed. For this reason, make certain the roofing company called in has the proper credentials.

Homes with skylights also require regular roof inspections due to issues with the flashing. Often, leaks in skylights are hard to detect. Thus they must be carefully examined. The problem typically occurs where the skylight and roofing system meet. Ask that the roofer pay close attention to this area during his or her inspection so problems can be detected early.

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