Contact A Carpet Cleaning Service In Fort Wayne, IN And Extend The Life of Your Carpeting

by | Mar 13, 2018 | Carpet Cleaning Service


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When was the last time your carpets were cleaned? Do you have an oriental rug that needs to be cleaned? Regular carpet and rug cleaning will extend their life and keep a home or office clean and bright.

Regular vacuuming will remove some of the dirt but will not capture trapped or deep-down dirt and grime. A Carpet Cleaning Service in Fort Wayne IN will send trained technicians who will safely remove pet stains, odors, and other unwanted contaminants in the carpeting. In addition to improving the air quality in a building, carpet cleaning will help the carpeting to last as long as possible.

Oriental Rugs

Owners of oriental rugs are often hesitant about ruining them by having them cleaned. When they choose an experienced carpet cleaning service, a technician will pick up the Oriental rug and return to the owner after cleaning is complete. The carpet cleaning company will use a safe, gentle, and effective method to thoroughly clean the rug.

How Often Should Carpeting Be Cleaned?

There is no set rule for how frequently a carpet should be cleaned. Areas that are heavily traveled like an entry or hallway will require more frequent cleaning. Homes that have pets or children can benefit from more frequent carpet cleaning.

Dirt And Bacteria Removal

Daily accumulations of dirt can be removed by a vacuum, but a lot of dirt can escape a vacuum. Dirt particles tear carpet fibers apart, and bacteria and germs will sink deep into the carpet. A carpet cleaning service in Fort Wayne IN will remove germs, bacteria, dirt, and debris, which will improve the indoor air quality and provide a healthier environment.

Traffic Lanes

When it is easier to tell exactly where everyone walks on a regular basis, it is time to have carpet cleaning performed. Removing dirt from these high-traffic areas will eliminate traffic lanes from developing in the carpeting. Cleaning of the carpet ever twelve to eighteen months will extend the carpet’s life.

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