The 90’s Called – It Wants Its Decor Back

by | Mar 14, 2018 | Painting


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When you’ve been in the same place for years, you get into certain habits and set in your ways. Maybe you raised your kids in your house, and finally, after all those years, it’s yours free and clear of the bank. You might even be getting ready to be grandparents! However, you might look around at your paint and think, “Okay. Is this retro, vintage, or just really old?”

These looks? They make people think, “Grandma’s house!”

Put it this way; these look to you the same way that the cheesy 1970’s decor looked in all their glory to you.

By the way, your grandparents’ Mid-Century Modern was cool for five minutes there.

Come on, 50-somethings, it’s time to hit refresh.

The problem with retro is that after a while, retro looks dated again. Then you are right back where you started. So working with a decorator and a painting contractor to find a classic color palette that works for you is the first step to retro-proofing your home. Whether your taste is modern and minimalist or traditional, or anything in between, there are classic colors that can hold their style in any decade. Classic color pairings come from the natural world and can be rendered to fit any decor. For example:

Black and white can stand on its own or hold up to pops of a signature color such as crimson, cobalt, or copper.

Yellow, robin’s egg blue, and cream are perfect for a bedroom whether paired with a Victorian four-poster or a minimalist platform bed.

And by the way – do not DIY this. Painting is not easy, and for the job to look its best, you want to work with professional house painters. Preferably painting contractors who can handle the interior and exterior painting, plus anything like that wallpaper in the kitchen.

No, you can’t just paint it over.

Instead, call Alliance Painters, and get your reset and refresh done by experienced professionals.

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