Cork Wallpaper: A Durable and Practical Option for Your Interior Decoration

by | Nov 3, 2014 | Home And Garden


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Decorating your child’s bedroom, play room, or your home office offers a lot of creative options that contribute to the organization and practicality of the room as well as its aesthetics. When people think of cork, they usually think of the corkboards sold in office supply stores that consist of one color and precut sizes that are not likely to cover an entire wall. Cork wallpaper puts these little tools to shame with an interior decoration option that will benefit your home in many ways.

Cork wallpaper can be cut to fit the wall much more precisely than other wallpapers. Since the material is stiff and very stable, there is no need to roll it onto the wall the way that you would with other materials. Paste or adhesive is applied to the wall and then the cork wallpaper is applied on top of it. The paper or bonding on the back adheres to the wall and cork veneers are come already attached to this bonding.

This material is extremely practical. It is made for pins to be stuck into it so puncturing and cleaning won’t wear it down quickly. The stability of the material keeps it from peeling off of the wall or falling over time. It requires very little maintenance and is only prone to rotting or deterioration in very extreme conditions.

Cork is an environmentally friendly material! It’s actually made from tree bark and is easily renewable, unlike many other types of synthetic material of which wallpaper is often made. The paper backing and adhesive used to attach the cork wallpaper to the wall is not equally sustainable but the cork itself is so you can rest assured that your wallpaper choice does not damage the environment. Also, since you pin things to the cork and not the wall, you’re saving your walls from damage that might have happened if you’d pinned these things directly to the plaster.

Color and Style
Wallpaper of this material comes in all kinds of colors and styles. It can be altered to suit the needs of your interior decoration and even if you choose a plain style you can pin photos, posters and other things to the cork so to make the room look however you’d like it to as well as change these things as often as you choose.

A Great Choice All Around
Whether you choose cork as a practical material or a purely decorative option, you’re making a choice for wallpaper that will last for years, look great, and is easily changed to suit any redecorating that you do in the time that it is on your walls. Visit Wolf Gordon today to find out about all the different styles that are available for your next interior decoration endeavor.