Why Use a Swimming Pool Ionizer?

by | Oct 31, 2014 | Home And Garden


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For a commercial swimming pool operator, nothing could be more stressful than receiving complaints from patrons about skin irritations and red eyes because of the chlorinated pool water. The fact is, the case against chlorine as the pool disinfectant of choice is piling up. Pool owners should find an alternative fast before they lose their customers. Pool ionizers are becoming a popular alternative to chlorine in keeping bacteria and algae at bay.

This article aims to introduce to pool ionizers to pool owners so they can see the advantage of using one. While chlorine is a very effective bacteria killer, it also has several undesirable effects. Most commonly reported unwanted effects of chlorine are irritation of a person’s eyes, skin, and lungs. These things can be avoided by not using chlorine altogether and starting to use ionizers to clean their swimming pool.

How Pool Ionizers Work

Ionizing a pool is a simple concept. Copper ion is a proven biocide. It kills bacteria and algae efficiently without the use of chemicals. Even the ancients know about this special ability of copper. A medical text from ancient Egypt called “the smith papyrus,” says that the ancient Egyptians use copper to sterilize their drinking water and also to clean wounds. The Aztecs cured sore throat by gargling a copper mixture. These ancient civilizations may not know how it works, but they know it does work.

Fortunately for the new generation, science has already found out how copper is able to kill bacteria and other pathogens. When a microbe meets copper ions, the cell membrane of the microbe is ruptured. The rupture allows copper ions to enter the bacteria itself and cause its demise. Having a constant amount of copper ions in the pool water ensures that bacteria will not survive and flourish.

Types of Water Ionizers

There are two types of water ionizer. The first one, electric ionizers, use electric charge on copperplates to release copper particles into the water, The second type, cartridge ionizers, utilize a mineral pack from which the metal is released. Both work in the same basic principle and are equally effective in destroying pathogens, which may cause health issues to the swimmers.

As proof of their effectiveness, many pool owners are now converting their pools to be able to use ionizers in cleaning them. They know that a pool with clean, clear water that does not cause irritation to the human body and does not have a pungent smell is the best way to attract swimmers. But not only commercial pools should start using copper ionizers, family pools also deserve the same technology specially if there are kids who love swimming. It would be a parent’s joy to see their kids happily thrash around the water protected from disease-causing bacteria.

Whether it is for business or just for family use, swimming pools must always be kept free of dangerous microbes that can easily ruin the health of the person who swim on it. There are many ways to keep bacteria and other pathogens at bay. For now, most people use chlorine, which is an effective disinfectant but also pose a risk to those who come to swim in the water treated with it. Copper ionizers use a new technology on an ancient knowledge-the knowledge about coppers ability to destroy microbes.