What Sort Of Restroom Hand Dryer Does Your Employer Provide?

by | Oct 30, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance


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By now, all employers must be aware of the legal requirements in place to protect the people working for them. Not only must they provide restrooms for use by their workers but these restrooms have to include basic toilet and washing facilities (for at least hand washing).

Furthermore, in these days of possible flu epidemics and other diseases caused by exposure to germs, viruses and bacteria, the restrooms have to meet certain standards for sanitation and hygiene. These standards cover just about everything – from the facilities themselves, through water supply and waste disposal all the way to the Restroom Hand Dryer.

Types Of Hand Dryers

One upon a time, any public or work place restroom that actually provided a wash hand basin would either have a piece of (usually dirty) terry type toweling hanging soddenly from a hook near the basin. Or, there would be a big endless loop of cotton cloth (something like the material we use for drying dishes) hanging from a wooden roller fixed to the restroom wall. In those days, many preferred to leave the restroom with wet hands rather than take any chances with the unsanitary looking towels.

Then came a breakthrough –or so everyone thought at the time – disposable paper towels for use as your Restroom Hand Dryer. Some were so soft and absorbent that little pieces of them stuck to your hands while others were hard and basically non-absorbent. The latter simply moved the moisture around your skin without really drying it.

But, they were all less of a health risk than using a towel after many strangers had dried their hands on it ahead of you. It also seemed acceptable to toss the used paper towel into a bin conveniently provided within the restroom. Hardly anyone took notice of the cost and environmental factors involved in producing vast numbers of paper towels; let alone subsequently disposing of them all.

The Real Breakthrough Came In 1948

1948 was the year when the first warm air, eclectically powered Restroom Hand Dryer was invented. Opening up the world to no more soggy, unhygienic cloth towels without the need to destroy trees to produce disposable paper ones. The wet handed public soon learnt to appreciate using a Restroom Hand Dryer after each hand washing and restroom operators appreciated the end of paper purchasing, no disposal problems and no laundry requirements. Electric hand dryers were definitely here to stay.

The World Dryer company from California was founded in 1951 so they were in at virtually the birth of the Restroom Hand Dryer and they have been developing better dryers ever since. Check their current range online at Website.