Factors Involved in House Painting in New Canaan, CT

by | Feb 26, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance


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House painting has different aspects than other buildings, including industrial, commercial or recreational. The basic purpose is the same that is to give a finishing material to walls and ceilings and other architectural elements, but a house needs more emphasis in terms of color scheme and decorative ideas. In New Canaan, CT you can find several experts providing painting services for a residence, and they consider certain factors which are given below:


First of all we have to see the budget of the home owner, like does he or she wants a complete house painting or just a few rooms. Besides, there are various paint qualities having different costs, but quality should not be compromised with cheap paints. However, there are some companies which are not very popular, but they make quality paints at low cost, so you can check their product for a low budget.


Climate of that area should be considered where the paint job is required. Every area has its own climate and needs different types of paints. You cannot use same paint for too cold area compared to a very hot climate.

Nature of the space

Whether it’s the interior or exterior of a house that needs painting, as a different paint should be used for exterior that is water and heat resistant, because the house is exposed to sun and rain, etc. Whereas, for interiors you can use less intense paint in this regard. A contractor or the designer considers this factor during a house painting in New Canaan, CT and other parts of the world.


Color is the most important factor, as a bad color can ruin the whole color scheme and the building especially if it’s an exterior. However, this is also very important for interior of the house. Color should be selected keeping in mind the age of the occupants and their choice, room size, rest of the color scheme, and style, like whether it’s a new house or an old one. Color also depends on any specific style including, classic, Mediterranean and traditional. Weather also plays an important role in a color selection, like you cannot use very bright colors in summers in very hot climates. So, lighter tones like soft blues, pinks, peach or green are recommended by the experts.


Not all the walls are painted in a single solid color, as sometimes you want a texture or graphics to create an innovation. For that purpose you can ask your contractor to show you some samples, or you can also do your own search. You can explore magazines or interior design websites for this purpose. You can also visit the houses which have such textures. However, texture should be chosen depending on the room or wall size, like whether it needs a smooth, medium or rough texture. You can create a magical space using beautiful textures.
All these factors will help in the excellent house painting in New Canaan, CT or wherever you live.

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