Hints for choosing the best upholstery material

by | Sep 23, 2014 | Home Improvement


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When it comes time to choose furniture upholstery in Houston there are quite a few things that need to be taken into account including the color, the design and the texture. These three considerations are those that have a drastic affect on the role the furniture plays in the overall design scheme of the room in which the furniture is placed. You also need to consider the frequency of use and whether or not the material will be adversely affected by such things as sunlight.

The material that you ultimately select will affect the overall appearance of the furniture; the material plays a big role in determining whether the finished piece has a positive or negative effect. No one wants to choose upholstery which will have a negative effect on their décor so it is important to take into account the furniture style as well as the style of décor in the room.

When choosing furniture upholstery in Houston most people gravitate to color and design. If the piece of furniture under consideration is supposed to stand out in the room then the existing room colors and décor must be considered. The color is the primary issue as well when the piece is designed to match other existing furniture but still stand out. If the intention is that the piece does not stand out or be the focal point, the upholstery must be muted and complimentary to other fabrics that are already in the room.

Color and design, although important, are by no means the only variable aspects. There are many interesting textures including natural materials such as wool and leather. Not all material is a viable option but textures are one more way that allows you to change the overall appearance of the piece as well as the room.

Although it is rarely thought of when choosing furniture upholstery in Houston the health of the family residing in the home should also be considered. Furniture upholstery can play a big role in aggravating such conditions as allergies, asthma and even skin disorders. If these are issues in your home it is advisable to stay away from materials which have a reasonably loose weave as they can collect allergens such as pet dander and dust; the best choice in situations like this material which is smooth and easy to keep clean.

It is also important to take into account the frequency of use of the piece of furniture. Although you may be tempted to go with furniture upholstery in Houston based strictly on visual appeal, this may not be a good choice if the furniture is going to be put to heavy use.

The color, design and texture of furniture upholstery in Houston can make a world of difference in the appearance of the piece as well as the room in which the furniture is located. You are invited to discuss upholstery options with Home Accents by Business Name.