How to Choose a Heating Contractor

No matter what the job, hiring a contractor is a stressful process. It’s one area where you are forced to let someone else take care of a problem, and you have to trust them, not only on the costs, but also on the workmanship. The most well-intended contractor in the world can make a mistake that puts you in danger, and that counts for double when it comes to your furnace. Here are a few tips to choose the best contractor for your heating issues.

Look Local

Whenever you’re dealing with finding a contractor, it’s important to think local. Everyone advertises on the internet, but if you check local advertisements, you’re more likely to find quality companies in your area. Perhaps ask friends who they’ve had work on their heating, and look at listings in your newspaper.

Read Reviews

Everyone reviews companies online nowadays, so it’s very easy to see what people think of a contractor that they’ve worked with. Simply Google is often the best way to get these reviews, just look up heating contractor in Chicago and see what the reviews next to each hit say. Pick a few of the highest reviewed options to follow up on.

Get References

Any contractor should have references on hand for previous customers that you can talk to. Make sure to actually follow up on this step, as previous customers are likely to have valuable insights when it comes to the company that you are considering. Ask them how their job went, whether there were unexpected costs, how well the heating has worked since they got the repair done, etc.

See the Certification

Always make sure that the company that you’re considering has certification available, to prove both that they are properly bonded and insured, and that they are licensed to work in your region. Without the certification, it’s very possible to get scammed.

Get an Estimate

Finally, before you sign a contract with any company, make absolute sure to get a detailed estimate. You want to know two things: exactly what every part of the process will entail, and how much each of those parts are going to cost. This not only gives you a solid idea of what the job will be, but also protects in you the case of unexpected issues.

Only once you’ve gone through all of these steps and are satisfied with the company should you sign any contract. And one other thing to consider: always trust your gut. Even if they pass every step, if you just don’t get a good feeling, don’t feel obligated. Go with whatever option makes you feel comfortable. Visit us at for more details.

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    Author: Adelfa Abril

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