How To Choose Cubicle Curtains For Your Medical Facility

by | Jul 31, 2014 | Home Improvement


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Cubicle Curtains go under a variety of names. Depending upon their location and/or composition, they may be referred to as a hospital curtain or blackout curtain. They are also called:

  • Antimicrobial curtains
  • Cubicle curtain track systems
  • Privacy Curtains
  • Hospital Drapes
  • Hospital Curtains
  • Cubical Curtains
  • Eco-friendly curtains

In general, they perform the task of separating a room into various smaller and independent entities. The fabric is fire retardant. It may also be antibacterial or antimicrobial.

Practical Factors in Selecting Cubicle Curtains

When it comes time to select the right cubicle curtains for your medical environment, be sure to pay attention to your staff. Consult all those that have to work with the curtains. Ask them for their preferences in color, materials, weight, size, and even track systems. This is the only way to make sure the cubicle curtains will meet at least some of the requirements of those who actually use them.

The last factors to consider are legal requirements and budget. Both will also impact on what you can afford and what is required. Add these to what you already know. This will provide you with a basis upon which to work.

What to Look For

After you have established boundaries in terms of fabric qualities and budgetary allowances, you can begin the actual process of looking for the right cubicle curtains. You should look at the following aspects:

  • Colors: Do you want them to be soothing, welcoming, calming or simply match the walls and ceiling? Today’s cubicle curtains come in an explosive amount of colors. You can also purchase some in patterns and nature scenes or with cartoon characters for children’s wards or to simply brighten up any ward.
  • Light Management: To some people – patients and employees alike, bright lights may be upsetting. Those with migraines, for example or skin problems may need to avoid direct sun. Certain cubicle curtains are made from fabric that can block the penetration of light.
  • Bacteria, Fungi and Mold Reduction: The word “superbug” is scary. While hospitals take diverse measures to prevent the spread of disease, some forget to install curtains that can help in this battle. The fabric of certain cubicle curtains can be treated to reduce the potential of the spread of disease. This is usually the lower opaque part of the curtain
  • Fire Retardant (FR): This is a basic requirement for all medical facilities. Consider having the mesh portion (the upper part) a minimum of 70% open to allow for the water from the ceiling sprinkler system to penetrate.

When it comes to selecting the right cubicle curtains for your medical facility, be sure you take into consideration such things as the opinions and preferences of staff and patients. You can visit. It is also essential to look at the budget and any regulations. After you have obtained a basic picture of what is required and wanted, should you begin to actually look at what is available.