How To Reface Cabinets: Easy Instructions

by | Jan 2, 2013 | Home Improvement


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When you’re wondering what to do to help increase the look and feel of your kitchen, you should consider an easy and cost efficient project such as refacing your cabinet doors. If you wish to spruce things up in your home and even increase the overall value of your whole house, then refacing cabinets is the way to go. In addition, this project does not typically take too long, and is a wonderful solution for home renovation and upgrading.

Learning how to reface cabinets can be fun and will save you money in the long run. Here is a quick overview of easy instructions on how to reface cabinets:

1. First you will need to measure the drawer faces and the doors. Be sure to write down the measurements.
2. Then you will need to remove the drawers and unscrew the hinges. Remove them from the cabinet box.
3. It doesn’t hurt to take a second clean out the inside of the cabinet box. In addition, you can use all-purpose cleaner and clean the outside. Don’t continue until it all dries.
4. Now you need to fill in all of the cracks and holes using wood putty. Make sure to scrape everything flat with a putty knife. You will need to allow a drying time of about two hours.
5. Next attach the pre-cut end panels you ordered to the ends of you cabinets making sure the edge is flush with the front of your cabinet.
6. Now unroll your self-adhesive veneer and measure the stiles and rails of the cabinet box. Cut the veneer into strips about a quarter of an inch wider than the stiles and rails. You can use scissors to cut the veneer strips.
7. Peel the backing’s top edge from the veneer. Press the veneer onto the stile or rail and then pull the backing slowly away while pressing the veneer in place.
8. Overlap the veneer where it meets another strip and trim the edges with a utility knife and straight edge to create a nice tight seam. Then trim the excess widths with a utility knife and sand the edges smooth.
9. Now screw the hinges to your new doors. You can use the old doors a sort of guide. Be sure that you hold the hinges securely in place, then drill the screw holes and make sure that the holes are just smaller than the screws’ width. Then attach the new doors.
10. It’s time to remove the old drawer fronts. This can be done by removing the screws from the inside. Align the new drawer fronts into their proper place and then attach them to the drawer boxes with your screws. If your drawer fronts are not screwed on, cut off the overlap and turn the box around to attach your new front to the previous back of the drawer box. Replace the drawers.

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