How to Refresh your Brick House

by | Mar 4, 2022 | Cleaning


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For ages, brick houses have been beautiful staples of our communities- reflecting charm, character, and class. Brick can be timeless and versatile, but if not cared for or styled improperly, brick can look clunky, dated, and boring. So, how can you elevate your brick exterior to keep up with modern times while also reflecting vintage charm?


One of the most popular solutions for making brick stand out is to utilize paint. While you can paint the brick itself, first consider painting doors and shutters. A simple coat of paint (typically black) accents the brick background and gives your home a sense of industrial classiness.

If painting your brick sounds like a fun challenge to tackle, consider all of your paint choices. Of course, you could go with something more neutral such as black, tan, or white. But, if you are feeling bold, you can explore brighter colors. Consider pastels, jewel tones, or other bold colors to add character to your home. There is no wrong answer when it comes to picking a paint color for your brick. Choose something that reflects your personality or your family’s personality, and your home will shine.

Speaking of shine, consider texture and finish. Consider matte paints and limewash to add dimension or a unique feature.

Wash it

Sometimes, all your home needs is a good bath. Brick restoration can work wonders for your home, restoring the value, durability, and overall appearance. In general, brick care is vital for the life of your exterior, and brick homeowners should wash brick regularly.

If you aren’t interested in power washing yourself, you can call on a brick restoration company to perform cleaning processes for you. Atkins Deck Treatment Service has been a trusted community staple for years in the Lancaster County area. While they have “Deck” in their name, Atkins Deck doesn’t just work with decks. Atkins Deck is incredibly skilled in brick restoration, not neglecting a single corner of your home.


In addition to washing, sometimes all your home needs is quality landscaping. If you have a green thumb, this can be a fun and rewarding project for you. Greenery is a perfect contrast to brick exterior, so consider adding bushes, trees, or climbing vines. In addition, flowers such as hydrangeas, azaleas, and tulips can add an extra pop of color and a sense of hominess.

Window boxes are also another option to add charm to your exterior. Window boxes are very simple and easy for people of all ages to take care of. If you don’t have a green thumb, a simple hack for window boxes is to invest in some good-quality, lifelike fake flowers and greenery. This way, your window boxes will last all year round, and you won’t have to keep buying new flowers.

Whatever you decide to do with your brick exterior, make it match who you are. You deserve to have a unique home that you are proud of, so really play to your strengths when choosing paint colors and foliage.

Your brick needs to be taken care of, so give it a good cleaning before you do anything. So, visit the Atkins Deck Treatment to see how they can contribute to your brick restoration journey.