How to Select the Right Water Heater

by | Apr 19, 2013 | Parts and Accessories


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Water Heater or hot water heaters as they are commonly called can be quite expensive, not just in the price of a unit but also the cost of damage that can occur to your home or property if it’s not functioning properly. Regular maintenance should be conducted to insure your water heater is running correctly.

With a host of water heaters on the market that vary in price, capacity and type, a consumer can have a difficult time in making the proper selection that can accommodate their home or property. Conducting simple research and help eliminate needless and costly mistakes in making your choice.

In selecting the proper water heater, first make sure you establish a budget. Hot water heaters can range in cost from a couple hundred of dollars to a couple thousands depending on capacity and type of the unit. Be certain to factor in labor cost for the installation and inspection of the unit.

The type of water heater you select will be based exclusively on your preference and what your home or business can accommodate. Water heaters now come equipped with solar panels and some are even tankless.

Solar water heaters are a great benefit for individuals who are conscience about the environment and who want to take advantage of the reusable energy of the Sun. The electric and gas cost it would normally take to operate a water heater is significantly reduced.

Water heaters are also tankless. They heat up water faster than a more conventional gas operated heater. They also cost more than a standard heater. The maintenance required is also costly compared to other heaters however, they are more energy efficient. In the long run it may be beneficial to make an investment in a tankless unit.

Professional installation is highly recommended even though there are instructional kits available for an individual to install the unit themselves. Professionals who are insured and licensed are to be considered over those who are not insured.

Once you have made you selection on the type of water heater that meets your budget and is suitable to accommodate your home or business, the next step to consider is the installation of the unit.

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