How You Can Use Architectural Landscape Lighting in Winnetka IL

While your home landscape or deck looks beautiful during the day, it’s impossible to enjoy at night. Take advantage of architectural landscape lighting to make your backyard bright at night. There are several parts of your home landscape that you can shine a light on so you can enjoy them no matter the time of night.


If you have a garden with paths or a walkway that leads up to the front door of your house, then it is a good idea to illuminate the paths, keeping friends from tripping and falling. To assist in this, you can place architectural landscape lighting in Winnetka IL along the pathways. These lights are small and low to the ground so that they don’t stand out and distract people.


Maybe you want to have late night barbecues or parties on the deck, but don’t have enough lights. Deck lights are small lights that illuminate the deck. You can choose lights on metal poles that attach to the wall or fencing on the deck. You can also choose small flat lights that are easily hidden beneath the deck, under ledges, or even under benches. The lights illuminate just enough for guests to see where they are.

Steps and Ledges

Safety is an important issue when you have people running around outside your home. You don’t want them to fall down stairs or off a ledge that they can’t see in the dark. There are lights designed for steps and ledges. The small strips of light are set below the step or ledge. When going up the steps, you see the lights. When going down the steps, you see the light shining out showing you where the next step is.


Do you have a pool in your backyard? Do you have a pond, be it man-made or natural? You might to add lights to the water for a couple reasons. You don’t want guests falling into the water at night, for one reason. The second reason is because it looks amazing. You can purchase submersible lights that sit at the bottom of the water and create a hazy glow. Some water lights attach to the sides of pool to show where the wall begins and ends. One landscaping lighting company offering all these types of lights is Shelly’s Landscape Contractors, Inc. Check them out for more information.

Author: Adelfa Abril

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