If You Are Considering New Siding for Your Home, Consider LP Siding

If you live in Wisconsin and you are considering new or replacement siding for your home you may realize that you have a number of choices. Siding can be made of a number of materials. These materials can be fiber cement, wood or vinyl siding. Many consumers are investigating engineered wood siding which is called LP SmartSide.

Most consumers are unaware of what LP SmartSide is made of. It is composed of natural wood with a number of additives. The wood is coated with zinc borate which helps the wood resist fungal decay and resists termite infestation. The wood is also coated with resins and waxes which helps withstand temperature variations and creating a waterproof barrier.

In today’s building industry LP siding is widely used in new construction. It is easy to install and can add a beautiful look to the outside of a home. LP siding in DeForest, WI is extremely durable and provides siding in a large variety of colors.

For those living in the middle section of the US, LP SmartSide siding is built to withstand the climate of those states. In addition this siding is low maintenance and lasts for many years. Most companies provide a warranty for the siding.

LP SmartSide is environmentally superior. It is Energy Star certified and it will help the home’s energy systems run more efficiently. The siding reflects sunlight and help to keep the home cooler.

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Author: Adelfa Abril

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