Installing Hardwood Flooring In Your Home For A New Appearance

by | Nov 5, 2019 | Contractor


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Changing the type of flooring in your home can often completely transform the way that your home looks and the overall atmosphere. Consider the daily activities that take place in your home and the members of your family as you will want something that’s easy to clean if you have children and pets or something that’s a bit more elegant if you enjoy entertaining.

Hardwood flooring stores in Irvine can deliver these benefits along with installation of the flooring as well.

Baseboards and Edges

Before you install any flooring, you need to remove the baseboards and the edges at the entrances to the room. This will make it easier to get the flooring flush against the wall so that there is a cohesive appearance throughout the room before replacing the baseboards once the installation process is complete.

Subfloor Details

Another area you want to pay attention to when you’re installing hardwood floors is the subfloor. Make sure it’s clean and there are no imperfections that would create areas that aren’t even once the hardwood is installed. When looking at what hardwood flooring stores in Irvine offer, you can usually find tools that can be used to remove debris from the subfloor as well as padding that can be placed between the two surfaces.

Place Before Securing

Position the hardwood on the floor before you secure it in place so that you have a good idea for how it will look. If you’re using planks, then the design usually won’t be a big deal. However, if there is a pattern you’re trying to create or if there are details that need to go together on the floor, then you want to make sure you know where they are going to be placed before you begin gluing or nailing the hardwood to the subfloor. To get daily updates follow our Instagram page.