Irrigation Systems Protect Landscaping Investments

by | May 15, 2013 | Landscaping


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Landscaping, today, can be a major investment for the homeowner. Preventing premature death or failure to this particular investment becomes a great concern to those that are responsible for its well being. Many times the reason for this failure is lack of water to those lawns, flowers or trees that we have so meticulously planned for, picked out and eventually planted. The last thing most homeowners want is to be forced to replace what could have been saved.

To guarantee survivability of your landscape as well as cut watering costs, one needs to consider installing the right irrigation system. Through collaboration of knowledgeable (landscaping and irrigation) professionals and customer (homeowner) ideas, Clearwater Irrigation can assist you in creating a functional and yet unique landscape environment that is able to last the test of time as well as add value and beauty to your home. Their training and experience is extremely diverse to include irrigation instillation, lighting systems and fertilization programs. They can also assess sites for possible drainage problems and then offer solutions to potential pitfalls.

When you enlist the help of professionals, you can expect a customized irrigation design. The mutually agreed upon plan will include zoning yard areas based on the amount of moisture needed. For example, shaded areas would require less watering where those areas found in bright sunlight will no doubt require more water to maintain a lush green appearance. This specialized zoning will in turn provide a more efficient and an environmentally responsible watering option. Custom zoning, through efficiency, will also save the homeowner money. Moreover, the homeowner will have even coverage watering through an automatic system.

Another element to landscape includes the addition of lighting. Homeowner’s have the option to accent their yards through the use of outdoor lighting. Not only does this type of accent add to the beauty of your yard, it also provides another level of security for your loved ones. No longer are we only living indoors, many of us now find comfort and joy by relaxing outside especially when we have created an oasis of our own. From designing, installing and maintaining your environment, Clearwater Irrigation is dedicated to keeping their customer’s yards in prime condition throughout the seasons.


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