Is Your Heating And Air Conditioning Up To Par? Consider Leak Detection With Bailey Brothers Plumbing.

by | Jul 5, 2013 | Air Conditioning


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In today’s difficult economic times, every penny matters, which is why the average home or small business owner can’t afford to waste money on inefficient energy solutions. Yet, it’s estimated that in most homes, there is up to a 40% energy loss, whether you’re talking about heating, cooling, or water services. Some of this has to do with the construction of a building, and improperly insulated rooms, holes that allow energy to escape and worsen over time. Other common problems are ill-fitting glass in windows and doors, windows that don’t seal tightly, and small holes, loose nails, and missing shingles on roofing solutions. However, when it comes to saving money on energy bills, making sure that your Heating and Air Conditioning needs are up to par is a key piece of the puzzle.

Unexpected and undetected leaks, whether in the heating and cooling unit itself, the duct work, or the hot water heater, can cause a host of problems. It is most commonly apparent in the summer months when you have your air conditioner working overtime, yet it sometimes feels as if it barely working at all. Especially if you live in a particularly hot and humid region of the country, you may be told that an HVAC unit is only designed to do so much in terms of cooling the inside of the home. If the temperature tops 90 degrees, there is only a certain ability to make the inside of the home feel like a spring day. However, in most cases, leaks and holes that have developed in the vents and duct work over time is to blame for the increasing inefficiency of your Heating and Air Conditioning needs. If you’re curious about Leak Detection Bailey Brothers Plumbing is a one-stop solution to have your HVAC system properly inspected.

When you choose to seek Leak Detection Bailey Brothers Plumbing is a trusted name that will give you answers, and never play unnecessary games in order to get you to make repairs that aren’t needed. In most cases, sealing the leaks or repairing holes is relatively simple and affordable, and your energy bill will be visibly lower for doing so.